Warranty and safety


Thanks to the high quality standards of our production and to the many fatigue and resistance tests that our products undergo both in our workshops and in specialized labs, we can sell our frames with a 2 years long complete warranty.

We are more than confident about the quality of our products, but should there be any problem with a frame – which so far has never happened – we will instantly be at your service and strive to find a solution in the shortest time.

Please notice

TSP Cycle Farm frames are not built for motorized vehicles, no matter if it’s a combustion or electric engine. If a frame is used with any type of engine our warranty will expire immediately.



Our proven experience in the motorcycle field, resulting from over 10 years spent on building components and special-bikes, has been conveyed in the field of bicycles and bicycle components.

Frames, forks, handlebars, transmission and any other TSP Cycle Farm® branded components and even most of our gear necessary to their production, are designed, realized and assembled by hand in our workshops. Every single component starts from our imagination and is entirely created using Italian materials and workmanship.

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Every component goes through a very rigid quality specification path:

  conceiving, design and manufacture of the templates necessary to the final realization.

  prototypes building: entirely hand-crafted unique models built on top of our own variable-geometry templates.

  use of advanced IT techniques allowing us to calculate geometries down to the smallest details.

  high quality, high resistance and penetration (EN standards) GTAW (TIG) and GMAW (MIG) welding, conferring elevate rigidity to the components.

  pipes production in partnership with Italian firms working in the field from decades using laser tube technologies and CNC bending.

  employ of Carbon Steel (certified and manufactured in Italy) with gauges finely-tuned in the design step, in order to keep the final weight of every frame extremely limited (on average almost 30% less than any other commercial frames of the same size).

Strength / fatigue tests and certifications

In order to provide to our customers with a reliable warranty of security and durability of our products, after the prototyping stage our products endure a very strict testing phase, first in our workshops (weight / tensile testing and torsion tests), then in specialized UNI/ISO standard enabled labs with consequent release of important UNI/ISO conformity certifications for city/trekking bicycles.

We want to make very clear that these tests are not compulsory, but they are a prerogative of our production, and become for our consumers a proof of a quality level hardly achievable by competitors!

Our frames undergo the following tests:

 riding fatigue test (100,000 cycles with repeated 1000 N forces – about 100 kg)

 horizontal forces fatigue test (100,000 cycles with repeated 450 N forces – about 50 kg)

 vertical forces fatigue test (50,000 cycles with a 1000 N – about 100 kg force applied on saddle)

 frontal impact test (a 22.5 kg weight falling on the fork)

 frame falling on fork test (weights placed on steering tube, saddle, and crankset, while letting the frame fall on the forward fork)

Our final aim and result is that every single TSP Cycle Farm® branded frame and component is not only aesthetically pleasing and unique, but also extremely versatile, comfortable, drivable and safe.


We also pride ourselves on pursuing a policy that, in contrast to entering mass production and large-scale retail, values the production of limited series and artisan craftsmanship, while at the same time striving to stick with a great price-quality ratio and to an exclusively Italian production chain.

Fairs and exhibitions

We attend many exhibit events and have so far been mentioned on several specialized magazines:   see our events gallery

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